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12:04am 05-01-2015
Hi Catriona...i have just read your story and i feel like i was reading my own story regarding our daughter Zoe. She was born in 2008 with undiagnosed CDH of the left hip. She had the turned in foot but was given the all clear with her hips. She had an open reduction in November 2009 which seemed to go well and was getting regular check ups and the surgeon was quite happy with the progress. Fast forward to March last year (almost 6 years of age) and things have really deteriorated. She has avascular necrosis now and has very limited mobility and flexibilty in her left hip. We have major issues with her being unable to sit properly which really affects her ability to go to the toilet easily amongst other things. The Ortho surgeon we see in Brisbane has pretty much said we have to "manage" her deteriorating condition as best we can as there isn't much that can be done until she is at a stage where she has stopped growing and can have the hip replaced. She is about to turn 7 so for her that is such a long way away. I feel helpless at the moment and feel like there is more i/we could be doing to help Zoe. The RCH in Melbourne sounded fantastic. Did you have dealings with any particular Ortho surgeons that you would recommend? I suppose i am trying to figure out if we should consider looking at another opinion but i just don't know who or where.
5:43am 04-22-2012
Great site! We are nearly done with our hip journey (hopefully) Amelia has bi lateral CDH and she is now on her fourth and final cast. Her surgeon thinks all is looking good.
Hope Cassidy is ok, what a journey she and you have been on!
I was just interested to know who the british surgeon was that flew over to teach the surgery that you mentioned?
Replied on: 1:12pm 04-23-2012

Thanks Louise :-)
Sounds like we have a lot in common!
Hmmm, I don't remember the name of the surgeon, but I'll ask Cassy's dad, maybe his memory is better than mine!

1:02pm 03-15-2012
Gina Jay
great site !!!!!! yaaaaay Cassidy and family !!!! You are in our hearts and prayers !!!!
Visit us anytime !! Mia's Miracles
Replied on: 1:12pm 04-23-2012

Thanks so much, as are you xo

11:25am 10-15-2011
It was great for me to find this page! I was also born with congenital hip dysplasia. I wore a cast for many months but had to have surgery anyway...twice. I am now 34 and have two girls. I haven´t had any real problems with my hip until now that it´s strating to bother me when I walk. I am taking up swimming to see if that help me with the pain.
Thank you for sharind your story :-)
Replied on: 1:14pm 04-23-2012

Hi Maria,
It's always great to hear from adult hipkids! Cassidy finds that yoga helps her immensely (under close supervision!). Good luck with your swimming :-)

2:56pm 10-05-2011
My newborn granddaughter is beginning her journey with hip displacement. Hopefully she will be able to be fixed easily as she is so young. A work colleague told me about Cassidy which lead to this site. Her story is amazing and gives me hope for our little girl. Thank you so much for setting up this site. It is wonderful. I wish you all, all the best for the future.
Replied on: 12:39pm 10-06-2011

Thanks Sue, that's great to hear. It always gives me a warm glow to know that the site has helped someone. All the best in your journey :-)

9:10pm 09-19-2011

I feel privileged to know Cassidy and to have gone to school with her
Replied on: 12:39pm 10-06-2011

Hi Alicia! Cassy says hi, too. Hope you're well and happy :-)

9:07am 10-11-2010
How kind of you to set up this site. A friend's young daughter is going in for her (first) operation, and your story was informative and uplifting... thank you so much.
Replied on: 1:15pm 04-23-2012

Glad our site has helped. All the best :-)

2:23am 05-14-2010
Thank you for your website. My daughter was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when she turned two years old. She is now three and just undergone her 4th surgery. She has been in a spica cast for the last 9 out of 12 months. This is a very hard thing to deal with and knowing that there are other parents going though what we are experiencing helps. I have searched the internet and could not find a lot of information on children that were diagnonsed later in life, so this website helps a lot! Thank you!
Replied on: 1:16pm 04-23-2012

My pleasure, Gina. I hope everything progresses well with your little girl xox

9:28am 05-02-2010
Jen Solomon
Thanks for your wonderful website.It is really encouraging having access to families and information when your surviving the rollercoaster of DDH.
Replied on: 1:17pm 04-23-2012

That's a good way to describe it, Jen!

7:54pm 04-20-2010
kellie gibson
A fantastic site that provides a great deal of information for parents.
Replied on: 1:18pm 04-23-2012

That was one of my main aims when building the site! Thank you, Kellie :-)

12:41pm 04-20-2010
great site, my son was diagnosed at birth, and it's great to see your daughter as she grows up
thanks for sharing
Replied on: 1:19pm 04-23-2012

Thanks Cassandra. Best wishes to you and your son -hope it's all going well :-)

4:17am 04-17-2010
Glad to see you running again!
Replied on: 9:26am 04-17-2010

Thanks Tami, been a while in the making, I know!

1:59pm 04-16-2010
Trish Martin
Hi there, I am Cassidy's cousin and have witnessed her battle first hand. I commend her, her mother, father and brother for staying strong and united in the face of adversity. Nothing has ever seemed to be too hard for Cassidy either, she definitely is a fighter! To all reading this who feel like hope is lost, stay strong and follow the inspiration of this family. Look toward the light at the end of the tunnel and picture yourself at the other side! Love Trish.
Replied on: 9:25am 04-17-2010

I feel so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful family.
You're quite an inspiration yourself, Trish xoxoxoxox

1:57pm 04-16-2010
G'day, keep up the good work
Replied on: 1:19pm 04-23-2012

Thanks Gaz! xo

12:17pm 04-16-2010
june Hill
I am Cassidy's grandmother. It has been my great privilege to watch her stoically deal with her hip trauma and brilliantly overcome all odds. She is now a beautiful, intelligent and caring person - just like Catriona, her mother. A fine role model. We love her heaps. June Hill.
Replied on: 9:24am 04-17-2010

Thanks mother dearest! Your loving support was crucial to us, you were always there xoxoxox
All those fine character traits you mentioned had to come from somewhere....

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